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Life at the U #9: Increase YOUR MAX bench-press!

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Trying to increase your max bench press? Check your form! A great lift starts with form, RJ takes you through food placement, shoulders, unracking, and what you’ll need whether you are weight training, bodybuilding, or preparing for a competition. RJ Hizon is a top-ranked powerlifter and competes all over the USA. He is also one […]

Strongman Lifestyle: Log Cleans with Terry Rady

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Need help working on your Log Cleans? Terry Rady has the tips you need to fix your form. 1. No arms; you don’t want to row it. Pull it like deadlift arms. 2. Elbows high 3. Roll it. Use your delts and traps. You don’t want to hip it. 4. Finish with elbows out. Strongman […]